Monday, March 27, 2017
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Welcome to Parkhouse Garage

Hello and welcome to the Parkhouse Garage website. Here you will be able to look over all of the services and facilities we have on offer as well as being able to get in touch with any of your questions. You can also view our available selection of used cars which will be kept up-to date and provide as much information as you could need. Parkhouse Garage is a family owned and run business with an aim to continue to offer the first class, friendly and professional service many returning customers have came to know and love. Thank you for visiting and we hope to see you soon.

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MOT Test Centre

module positionsClass 4 & Class 7 vehicle MOT's.

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Tyre Tread Depth

The legal limit for car tyre tread depth is 1.6mm across 75% of the tyre circumference. However, for safety reasons it is recommended that you replace your tyres before the legal limit is reached because the deeper the tread the more grip you will have especially in wet conditions. Parkhouse Garage have a great range of tyres to suit many car makes and models and our mechanics are always on hand to offer any advice about your tyre needs.

Importance of Wheel Alignment

Incorrect alignment on your wheels can result in faster and irregular wear in your cars tyres affecting handling and safety. Wheel alignment can be affected by driving against kerbs, hitting potholes, bumps in the road or by excessive wear to steering or suspension components. Checking the alignment of wheels and tyres is an easy way to guarantee a smooth ride and to get the most out of your tyres. Parkhouse Garage specialises in wheel alignment and tracking using the latest high quality laser equipment.

Car Maintenance Tips

1. Changing the oil & replacing the oil filter. 2. Rotating & replacing tyres. 3. Checking & replacing wiper blades. 4. Checking fluid levels 5. Checking & replacing brake pads. These are some quick tips you should always think about for keeping your car running smoothly and remember Parkhouse Garage can help you with all your car maintenance needs. Just pop in and ask!

Car Essentials Available

In the Parkhouse Garage Shop we have all the essentials you could need to keep your car running smoothly from oils, lubricants and screen wash to light bulbs, wiper blades and car air fresheners.

About Us

Family owned and run garage and petrol station catering for all your motoring needs. Situated in Ardrossan, Ayrshire Parkhouse Garage has everything you need to keep your car on the road.
Garage Open: Mon - Fri: 8am - 5pm, Sat: 8am - 12pm
Petrol & Shop:
Mon - Sun: 7am - 10pm